NuPassion Photography | Corporate Investment
Basic Corporate Investment

Corporate Portraits   (setup included) 

$125/subject - (add $75 per extra subject in each photo).  

What you get: 2 head shots looking left and 2 head shots looking right,  basic touch ups included.   photos delivered on CD along with invoice if not paid in full ahead of time.                                                              



Tailored Corporate Investment

Corporate Portraits   (setup not included: add $150 for setup)

$200/subject - up to 1 hour per subject(add $75 per extra subject in each photo).

Half Day -$800(setup included) 4/hrs or 5 Subjects is considered a half day (Plus $75 per subject added into each photo).

Full Day - $1500 (setup included and save $100)8.5hrs or 9 subjects (Plus $75 per extra subject in each photo). (photographer gets 30 min break) 

What you get: 2 Professionally tailored portraits By Award Winning photographer: Curtis Nicholson

Portraits delivered on DVD with reprint rights



Corporate Event Photography

Corporate Event:  $200/hr Minimum of 2 hours for event photography                                                                                   

You get the following:                                     1. Survey of the Photography site (Prior to event beginning
2.  Agreement on cost with the client 

3. Carrying out the photography
4. Editing, storage and conversion of the photographs
5.  Delivery and submitting of photographs to the client                        
6.  Request Feedback