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Up and coming photographer (me).  First TV interview.  Nupassion Photography

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A New Journey So it's been awhile since I wrote a blog and now that I am at it again, I'll fill you in on some things that we are doing.  So I feel as if im ready to move on and expand my horizon by getting in the fashion industry.  I plan on starting my Fashion portfolio at the end of this year(2014).   Maybe, just maybe, i'll do a Couture Shoot or two along the way just for practice and let you all weigh in on it.  I love taking my time and creating beautiful art.  


Another area of expertise i'll be pursuing is Boudoir or Implied photography.  There again, you have the option of taking your time and getting the lighting just the way you want it, to accent your subjects beauty, create wonderful works of art and memories that will last a lifetime.


Last but not least, I'll be covering more events soon, such as weddings, corporate parties or events, so on and so forth.  and Yes, I Do Runway Photography, well, I will be at the end of this year.  That's the plan.  


Thank you for reading my blogs and I'll be writing again in the future.  Check back periodically for blogs and bookmark us for your photography needs.


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A Great Photographer As a new photographer I've learned that in order to pick up work, you cannot just sit back and wait for customers to come knocking on your door.  Even if your work speaks for its self, you have to get yourself out their and get your work in front of potential clients.  Some ways of doing this is either by advertising through media outlets, and/or word of mouth to name just a couple ways. 

Some of my work can be seen when browsing the Legends Football League formally known as the Lingerie Football League.  You can also view my stats on my webpage in the about me section.  I've also did some photography work that can be seen in the Canton Repository Newspaper. 

Am I looking to pick up more work?  The answer is "definately!", and I say that with a smile.  I am interested in a variety of photoshoots, but what I would love to do is more Boudoir, Fashion syle photos, and photos for magazines and newspapers.  I will continue to do shoots such as Senior Photography, Wedding Photography, Event Photography, Product Photography etc.  and will continue to do work in northeast Ohio including but not limited to canton ohio, alliance ohio, massillon ohio and surrounding areas.

My Goal is to not only be successful financially but to be known as one of the great photographers in America if not around the world. 

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